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Back to your driving licence without fear

The possibility of losing one’s driving licence is a stressful situation for drivers, which not only means the loss of mobility, but can also have an impact on personal life, such as the loss of one’s job. It is therefore all the more important to prepare in good time for possible measures such as an MPU preparation course in order to increase the chances of success.

However, one should be careful not to choose courses that promise a guarantee of success, as these are usually dubious. It is also worthwhile to find out early on whether proof of abstinence is required in order to prepare yourself accordingly.

  • It is advantageous to prepare as early as possible. The earlier, the better.
  • Do not trust MPU preparers who give you unrealistic promises of success.
  • Make sure you clarify whether proof of abstinence is required.

MPU preparation: There are many untruths

There are many exaggerated stories and half-truths that are told around the medical-psychological examination (MPU). Most of them are not true. However, if you prepare thoroughly and deal intensively with your individual situation, you have the best chance of convincing the assessor that there are no longer any aptitude deficiencies. Thorough preparation is therefore crucial to getting through the MPU successfully.

MPU Preparation – What the MPU is all about

The information in this guide presents the facts and helps with orientation. It is not a substitute for qualified preparation or MPU advice from MPU preparers. It is important to note that preparation for the MPU is not about learning answers by heart. It is about dealing with your own personal history.

With the right preparation, you can maximise your chances of a positive MPU assessment. On this page you will find valuable information for your preparation for the MPU and possible dangers that you should definitely be aware of. The information shown here does not replace an initial consultation with a trained traffic psychologist. Only a suitable MPU preparer with a background in traffic psychology is qualified to conduct a proficiency test. Please note that your MPU consultant may not be the MPU assessor himself/herself. You can find a list of suitable traffic psychologists here.

When does the ideal MPU preparation begin?

It is important to deal with the MPU as soon as it is determined that you have to take it in order to get your driving licence. The sooner you take care of it, the greater your chances of success. However, if you wait too long and seek help only shortly before the examination date, in most cases you will have no chance of proving the required sustained change in behaviour. Therefore, it is important to seek information and advice early and from reputable providers.

MPU Vergleich MPU Preparation 1
During MPU preparation, a psychologist helps you to understand and work through the exact background of your offence.

What is the optimal MPU preparation

What is the optimal MPU preparationThe MPU is not an idiot test and it is not about intelligence. The MPU is about establishing that you are no longer a danger to road safety in the future. MPU assessor one is a psychologist and expects you to have dealt with the background to your offence. The best way to do this is to prepare for the MPU.

Your MPU preparation in detail

The Medical-Psychological Examination (MPU) is usually ordered by the driving licence authorities if a driver is suspected of no longer being able to drive a vehicle safely. The MPU is a comprehensive examination that takes into account both physical and psychological factors. There are some things that should be taken into account during the MPU:

Master the MPU preparation in 9 steps

1. Collect information

Find out in advance about the MPU procedure and what requirements will be placed on you.

2. Plan time

Consider your personal needs and make sure you have enough time to prepare. Further down in the text you will find information on the duration of the MPU preparation. It can last from 3 to 12 months.

3. Choose MPU counselling

Choose a recognised MPU institution to ensure that the examination is conducted by qualified professionals.

4. Request driving licence file

The MPU assessor will study your driving licence file in detail during the MPU. Therefore, it is important for your preparation to know what is in your driving licence file. You have a right to receive your driving licence file. Make use of this right.

5. Start MPU preparation

Attend sessions for your MPU preparation. This happens in group seminars or individual sessions. Assume about 6 to 12 sessions, which take place about once a week.

6. Physical and mental fitness

Take your physical and mental health into account and make sure that you arrive at the MPU sufficiently rested and relaxed.

7. MPU Simulation

There are MPU consultations that offer a dress rehearsal for the MPU. They go through the most important questions with a traffic psychologist and practise the MPU situation with the assessor. This helps to minimise nervousness. Get your MPU certificate from your provider.

8. MPU day

The MPU itself has several steps. These include filling out a questionnaire, talking to a doctor and the interview with the MPU assessor. Be open and honest during the MPU and try to describe your feelings and thoughts as accurately as possible.

9. Expert opinion received

Take the results of the MPU seriously and follow the recommendations of the professionals to ensure that you are able to drive a vehicle safely. If you receive a negative report, read it carefully. This will help you to be better prepared for the second MPU attempt.

It’s about your MPU preparation

The MPU must be individually adapted to your situation. For this reason, MPU preparation should take the following points into account:

  • Budget: How much money can you invest?
  • Time available: How much time can you spare?
  • Willingness to travel: How mobile are you?
MPU Vergleich MPU Preparation 3
With the right MPU preparation, you will succeed at the MPU on your first attempt.

When is MPU preparation worthwhile?

Preparation helps you to avoid most mistakes and to pass the MPU with a much higher probability. It is important that you adapt the MPU preparation to your wishes and pass it on the first attempt. This way you will get your driving licence back quickly and safely.

Options for preparing for the MPU

Deciding which type of preparation is best depends on various factors, such as personal flexibility, regional options, individual preferences and, unfortunately, often the costs involved. It is important that you carefully research and compare what is on offer in order to find the most suitable option for you. For example, the following methods are available for MPU preparation:

  • Information evenings
  • Individual sessions with professional traffic psychologists
  • Group sessions led by professional traffic psychologists
  • Psychotherapy sessions

It is important that you look for seriousness when choosing a provider for the preparation for the MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination). There are many offers that advertise “success guarantees” or low prices, but it is important to check whether the content of the preparation is really of high quality. Make sure that the provider has qualified experts and a good reputation to ensure that you are well-prepared for the MPU.

MPU information evening

To get a good introduction to the topic of the MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination), it can be helpful to attend free information evenings organised by recognised counselling centres. It is advisable to go to several providers to get an overview of the different presentations and approaches.

Initial counselling by psychologists

As a next step, it may be useful to take advantage of a fee-based individual counselling session with a psychologist. In this interview, the psychologist will get a picture of your background. Afterwards, individual preparation for the MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination) can take place either in individual sessions with the psychologist or in group courses.

Group courses 

Group courses have the advantage that you learn to talk about your problems there without false shame. There are providers with fixed groups or ongoing seminars where the participants change. There are mixed groups and groups that are separated between drugs, alcohol or points. The groups usually take place in the evening and last two to two and a half hours. Depending on the MPU counselling, a distinction is also made between advanced or intensive programmes.

In general, the larger the MPU counselling, the more finely the groups are divided. Ultimately, you must decide for yourself which group is best for you. Inquire about the group offerings before registering for a fee. Group sessions usually run 6 to 10 times. Digital group courses are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to prepare for your MPU examination more conveniently and at a lower cost.

Individual counselling

In individual counselling sessions, your specific situation is dealt with more intensively. It is often possible to mix the forms of individual counselling and group. Individual counselling sessions often take place ten to twelve times and cost more than group preparation. How many hours are actually necessary depends on the individual case and the learning success. It remains your right to go to the MPU assessor with less preparation, even against the advice of the MPU counsellor, as long as you yourself are responsible for a possible failure.

Overview of MPU preparation methods

MPU Preparation MethodAdvantagesDisadvantages
Individual sessions with psychologistsIndividual
Faster results
No distractions
Time adaptable
Manchmal nur vor Ort möglich
Nicht alle Psychologen sind gut
Group seminarsGroup dynamics are important
Understanding others helps to understand oneself
Often more beneficial
Experienced group leaders
Fixed times
They cannot be changed
It is too easy to withdraw  
Video coursesOften very favourable
You set your own pace
Good courses are of high quality 
No individual queries possible
Video courses are interrupted by participants in case of low motivation
This table shows the preparation methods for the MPU with their advantages and disadvantages

When does MPU preparation begin?

MPU preparation should begin as early as possible. As a rule, it is clear by the time of the conviction at the latest that an MPU will be necessary. Now it is up to you to take the right steps. The MPU assessors want to see concrete evidence of how you have changed your behaviour during the MPU examination. Without proper preparation and sufficient time, it is hardly possible to convince the assessors. Intentions are not enough for the experts. That is why you should make contact with a traffic psychologist as early as possible and go to the initial consultation.

How long does it take to prepare for the MPU?

The exact duration depends on the individual case and can only be determined in an MPU consultation. As a rule, MPU preparation takes as follows:

  • Criminal offences approx. 3 months
  • Minor alcohol and drug offences approx. 6 months
  • Points MPU approx. 3 to 6 months
  • In the case of drugs or alcohol abuse even 12 months

The fastest way to regain your driving licence is with a points MPU, as no proof of abstinence is required. Ask a traffic psychologist for more detailed information and advice on your personal case. If the preparation is shortened or ended too early, this can have negative consequences for the probability of success of the MPU.

MPU preparation online or on site?

Preparation courses are conducted in regular or one-off seminars. Digitally conducted MPU, counselling and preparation courses are becoming increasingly popular. These can be done comfortably at home with a computer or mobile phone, have a higher degree of anonymity in group sessions and are usually cheaper. People without a driving licence in particular have limited mobility and can only get to the next town with a lot of effort.

Pass the MPU without preparation?

The statistics clearly indicate: Of those who have not prepared for the MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination), only 37.1% pass, according to a publication on the website of the Federal Highway Research Institute (source: Bast). In contrast, 81% of those who prepared for the MPU in advance passed.

Is there a guarantee of success?

A guarantee for a positive MPU result is not possible and is unserious. Such and similar statements come from MPU counsellors who should be avoided at all costs and are not worth their money. Many reputable MPU preparers offer a free initial consultation in person or on the phone. Here you can form an opinion as to whether you feel you are in good hands there and can get an overview more easily.

If you don’t have a good feeling on the spot, you’d better go to another counsellor, because you’ll be working closely with the specialist psychologist and there should be a minimum level of sympathy. Compare providers and clarify with yourself what your willingness to pay is, whether you need one-on-one meetings with traffic psychologists or whether you would like to do the preparation completely digitally and thus more cheaply.

Choosing a reputable MPU counselling service that prepares you for the MPU examination in the best possible way for your budget is the safest way. Failed attempts and ever new preparation courses are always the most expensive way.

MPU preparation – What does the MPU assessor expect?

You must be able to explain why you have shown certain behaviour in the past. The interview with the MPU assessor is not only about your driving licence, but also about road safety. The assessor will check whether you are a danger to public road traffic in the future. A change in attitude and behaviour can help to significantly reduce your own risk of recidivism.

MPU Vergleich MPU Preparation 5
The right MPU preparer will help you. We show you how you can save money in the process.

Back to your driving licence with MPU preparation

Choosing the right MPU counsellor is crucial for your success. Unfortunately, there are many MPU counsellors who do not have the appropriate qualifications and appear reputable at first glance. The frustration is correspondingly high.

Frequently asked questions and answers: MPU preparation

How to find the right MPU preparer?

We recommend a very good MPU preparer. Click on the button below.

When do the first costs arise during preparation?

As a rule, the free initial assessment is followed by the first individual counselling session with a psychologist for which a fee is charged. With a competent MPU consultant, you will receive an exact analysis of your situation and a suitable strategy to get your driving licence back. The interview lasts approx. 60 minutes and costs approx. 130 EUR.

How can the blocking period be shortened?

If your driving licence has already lapsed and you want to get it back particularly quickly, you should choose courses that can shorten the ban period by up to three months. Depending on the federal state, different measures may or may not be recognised.

How can abstinence periods be shortened?

The length of the abstinence period for the MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination) depends on various factors, such as the reason for ordering the MPU, the duration of the dependency and the course of rehabilitation. As a rule, an abstinence period of 6 to 12 months is required by the driving licence authorities for drug MPUs and alcohol MPUs before a person can take an MPU. However, there are some ways in which the abstinence period can be shortened:

– Complete an approved therapy or rehabilitation programme and document regular follow-up care.

– Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the MPU and prepare thoroughly for the examination.

– Seek support from a traffic psychology counselling centre or a traffic psychologist to find individual solutions and shorten the abstinence period.

– Regularly undergo drug screening to show that you are abstinent.

It is important to note that shortening the abstinence period is usually only possible under certain conditions and in consultation with the driving licence authorities. It is therefore advisable to contact a traffic psychology counselling centre or a traffic psychologist at an early stage in order to find individual solutions and shorten the abstinence period.

What is the best way to prepare for the MPU?

The best MPU preparation starts as early as possible. Gather information and choose appropriate MPU counselling. Obtain your driving licence file and start your abstinence programme. In our guide, we show the process in detail.

Can I pass the MPU without preparation?

It is possible to pass the MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination) without preparation, but the chances of success are significantly lower. According to a publication by the Federal Highway Research Institute, only 37.1% of unprepared MPU participants pass, while 81% of participants who prepared for the examination in advance of the MPU passed.

What do I absolutely have to bear in mind during the MPU?

It is important that you take your MPU preparation seriously and get professional help. The MPU examination is an interview with a traffic psychologist who will take a close look at you. A traffic psychologist will take a close look at your file, your circumstances and ask you detailed questions.